gracile fasciculus

gracile fasciculus

English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • gracile fasciculus — n, pl gracile fasciculi FASCICULUS GRACILIS …   Medical dictionary

  • gracile fasciculus of medulla oblongata — f. gracilis medullae oblongatae …   Medical dictionary

  • gracile fasciculus of spinal cord — f. gracilis medullae spinalis …   Medical dictionary

  • Gracile — can refer to: * Gracile fasciculus * Gracile nucleus * Gracile syndrome , associated with a BCS1L mutation Gracile is the name for various plant species, including: * Dacrydium gracile , a Malaysian conifer * Eriophorum gracile , a type of… …   Wikipedia

  • fasciculus gracilis — fasciculus grac·i·lis gras ə ləs n either of a pair of nerve tracts of the posterior funiculus of the spinal cord situated on opposite sides of and immediately adjacent to the posterior median septum and carrying nerve fibers from the lower part… …   Medical dictionary

  • Gracile nucleus — Brain: Gracile nucleus Section of the medulla oblongata at the level of the decussation of the Pyramids. Gracile nucleus is #8 …   Wikipedia

  • Fasciculus cuneatus — Infobox Anatomy Name = Fasciculus cuneatus Latin = fasciculus cuneatus medullae spinalis GraySubject = 185 GrayPage = 763 Caption = Fasciculus cuneatus is 3b, in blue at upper right. Caption2 = Diagram of the principal fasciculi of the spinal… …   Wikipedia

  • fasciculus — 1. SYN: fascicle. 2. SYN: cord. 3. SYN: bundle. [L. dim. of fascis, bundle] f. anterior musculi palatopharyngei [TA] SYN: anterior fascicle of palatopharyngeus (muscle). anterior f. proprius [TA] SYN: fasciculi proprii …   Medical dictionary

  • Cuneate fasciculus — Fasciculus cuneatus Cuneate fasciculus is labeled in blue at upper right …   Wikipedia

  • Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus — Brain: Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus Latin fasciculus longitudinalis posterior; fasciculus longitudinalis dorsalis NeuroLex ID birnlex 986 The dorsal longitudinal fasciculus (DLF) (not to be confused with the medial longitudinal fasciculus, nor… …   Wikipedia

  • Medial longitudinal fasciculus — Brain: Medial longitudinal fasciculus Transverse section of mid brain at level of inferior colliculi. (Medial longitudinal fasciculus labeled at center right.) …   Wikipedia

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